Battery VK

Battery VK’s come as a ‘works’ style unit with an included internal battery. The battery can be turned on and off independently of the VK function, so it can be used off a wall adapter, or off the batteries. Likewise it’s provided with a charger that can charge it while it’s in use, however this will increase charge times. They also come standard with the 3-position switch as all VK’s, but in addition there is the 2nd switch for the battery. Batteries and charger are included. Due to the portable nature, the lockable counting dial is the de-facto choice for these units.

Battery VK:
Note that all VK’s are built to order and can have a wait time of up to 2-3 months. Battery VK’s can take longer if the batteries are not in stock. Red cases can only come with a red screen, screen color preference will be ignored for red cases.

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