• How do I use this thing? The voltage being displayed is weird, everything seems backwards! The VK comes standard with a 3-position switch. The middle position shows you the input voltage, coming from your power adapter. However, for typical operation, make sure the unit is in third, upper most position. The reason it seemed to function backwards is that you were witnessing the input voltage sag, as you were increasing the output of the VK! See also the instructions page.
  • What is the voltage keeper? It’s a voltage regulating device which can take nearly any input from 3-15v DC and output 1-30v, up to 25 watts. It is intended for resistor based heating devices and other low voltage appliances, as a universal power supply. Any resistor-based vaporizer/aromatherapy device should work well with the VK. It also serves quite well as a miniature bench power supply. It is sold as-is as a do-it-yourself  or “hobby” project box and given the nature of the heating devices that some people attach to them, is used at your own risk.
  • Which model is right for me?  The MultiTurn VK is nearly 4x more precise than the old standard models, and takes 10 turns to go from 1 to 15v. It also now comes standard with the locking vernier dial by default, with optional moog style knob.The Works unit has everything the MultiTurn VK has, but also includes an ammeter, which provides a way to know at a glance that whatever is plugged in is drawing power. This can be useful for a number of reasons, many of which are only really necessary for advanced users, like calculating the wattage of your device. The main thing I like it for is that sometimes those barrel connectors can get knocked loose, so it gives that extra level of insurance that your device is drawing power at a glance. The Battery VK is everything the works has, plus a built in battery pack, with switch, indicator light, and charger.
  • How much power can the VK output? The VK has a maximum output rating of 25W, however, to ensure a long life I would keep it at under 15W if you will be running it for long periods of time. High power models are available per special request, see the news section for some photos of these.
  • Can the VK run 24/7? Yes, but watch your output wattage. I have ran it 24/7 for months on end in the 6-10w range without a single hiccup. I even ran it at 25W for over a week and had no ill results, although it ran very hot and definitely made me a little uncomfortable. The parts are rated for fairly high temperatures, but I recommend keeping it under 15W if you plan on running it 24/7 for months on end.
  • What voltages can the voltage keeper output? The actual range is 1-30v, but this is limited on purpose to allow for finer control, as well as to set a “maximum” for safety purposes. By default, the VK is set to 1-15v on the MultiTurn and Works VK. Recently some 17v products have come to market and I’ve been setting them to around 4-18.8v for these customers upon request. Any range from 1-30 is typically possible, please ask if you’ve got any special requirements.
  • How does the voltage readout work? The VK is equiped with a 4 digit screen for increased accuracy. The power switch has 3 positions total, “off”, and two “on” positions. The first “on” position shows you the input voltage, which is useful if you’re running off of batteries as you can monitor the battery drain. The second position is the more standard voltage output readout, which shows you the output of the device as you’d expect.
  • How does the amperage readout work? The ammeter is setup to show the output amperage of the connected device. Unlike the voltage readout, it is unaffected by the switch.  When the ammeter shows 0, it means no power is being drawn, or your device is otherwise disconnected. Most devices used with the VK will be less than 1 amp, so it is typical to have a reading like 0.40 or 0.50, this would be equivalent to 400ma and 500ma accordingly. You can calculate the wattage by multiplying the voltage of the output by the amperage displayed on the ammeter.
  • Why is my unit displaying 0V output voltage? Generally, this is the short-circuit protection kicking in. Check your cables and make sure there’s no problems. If the cable is fine, then the other reason for this is that you’re trying to draw more current than is being input into the device. If that’s the case, try using a higher amperage power adapter or battery. In either case, once you’ve corrected the situation, turning the unit off and back on will reset the protection circuit.
  • Can I use the VK with a battery pack? Yes! However, for safety sake you should make sure that you use batteries that are protected or are otherwise okay with being drained fully. Since the VK can run off of nearly any input voltage, battery usage comes naturally and it will drain the batteries until they no longer have enough current left to drive the connected device at the voltage selected. The Battery VK is an all-in-one solution to this problem and eliminates the need for an external battery.
  • What connectors/jacks does the VK use? It uses the standard 2.1/5.5mm barrel connector which is common on many devices. It has a male jack for the output and a female jack for the input to prevent accidentally plugging things in backwards. It also allows you to use standard male-to-female barrel jack extension cables with it. 
  • What is the allowable input voltage range? You can input any voltage in the 3-16v range. The voltage can be below or above what is coming out of it, as long as there is enough current. You can use most standard 12v DC power supplies as long as they’ve got enough current, around 1.2-2A is a good range for most things. 9v, or 15v supplies will work as well, however the lower the voltage, the more current needed, so for a 9v supply, you might want 2A, but for a 15v, you can usually get away with 1A. Unlike most voltage down-converters which take a higher voltage, and lower it, the VK has no “gap” between the voltage you put in, and the voltage you put out. You can put in a 12v supply, and get anything from 1-30v!
  • Can I use the VK with a car adapter? Yes! Car adapters have been tested to work with the VK. Since car voltage is often a bit higher than 12v, the VK is perfect for regulating it down to a more usable level. Of course, safety first when using the VK in a car! It theoretically could even work with solar panels!
  • Does the VK have a fuse? Is it safe? The boards used in the unit have short-circuit protection and will turn off if it detects a short. The screen may remain lit, but display “0.00” or similar. Simply remove the short and turn the unit off/on and things should be back to normal. Hopefully this means it won’t burn your house down, but because of the nature of this product and the fact it could be used in many ways which are not intended, these devices are to be used at your own risk! Be responsible and use them as instructed and you will not have any problems.
  • What can I power with the VK? The VK can be used to power anything, though the original use is as a temperature control for resistor based heating devices. I’ve had one of my testers use it to power a rotary drill and some other low voltage DC devices, from battery and/or AC power adapter, and the idea of powering a tattoo machine has also come up before, but I have not had a tester confirm this yet.
  • Does it include a power supply? At the moment no. I‘m recommending people do NOT buy a power supply with it, as you more than likely already have one! If you have something from 9-16v DC and around 1-2A, you’re already set to go. The power supply which comes with many devices will almost always work with the VK as long as it’s DC and has “tip-positive” wiring on the connector, so chances are, you’re already set to go! Just stick the VK in between your device and the power supply, and you’re off! By default, I’m going to include one male to female extension cable, which will connect your VK to your device. Just plug in your existing power supply to the VK, and plug the extension cable from the VK to your device, and you’re set.
  • What accessories do you provide? I can provide things like male to male and/or female to female barrel adapters, male to male cables (NOT typically needed since the output jack is male already!), among other things. I plan to have car adapters available as well. If you need some kind of unique cable made up, just ask, chances are, I may have the parts to make it for you already, or can get them if you don’t mind the wait.
  • Is there any warranty/guarantee? I currently offer a 5-year warranty on all units, no questions asked repair/replacement policy, just pay the shipping costs. I’ll still likely repair an older unit, please contact me with any questions! The warranty does not cover normal battery wear on the battery VK units, however I will sell replacement batteries if needed.

For all other questions, please contact us.