All VK’s come with the VK itself, and an extension cable. Be sure to check the news section for the latest features and options which may not be posted here yet, as well as additional photos of the various options available! Please contact us if you have any other questions or custom requests.

Note that all VK’s are built to order and can have a wait time of up to 2-3 months. Red cases can only come with a red screen, screen color preference will be ignored for red cases.

Multi-Turn VK
Multi-turn pot for 4x increased accuracy compared to the standard model.

The Works VK
Multi-turn pot, plus ammeter. Increased accuracy and visibility into your power draw.

Battery VK
Everything “The Works” has, plus built-in internal battery pack. Batteries and charger included.

VK Nail
The VK E-Nail!

All the extras. Extra cables, colored switch caps, car adapters, and more!