VK Nail!

It’s been a long time in the making…and it’s finally here!

The VK Nail!



While the pictures may speak for themselves, I’ve put in a lot of time and effort to make this stand out a bit from some of the competition. And of course, it’s got that VK styling, with controls in the front, jacks/switches on the back. Some other stand out features on this ‘works’ model VK Nail include a small size high quality PID with dual displays, dual switches, circuit breaker for safety, full size 5-pin XLR and IEC C14 power jack, in a narrow case (for an enail anyway, it’s about the same width as a battery VK, and slightly longer,¬†making it rectangular and sort of reminiscent of a scaled up VK)

It will come with kevlar or flexible stainless tubing (not mesh) coils in 16mm, 20mm or flat style. A bundle with a 20mm quartz banger may be available as well, I’m really fond of this particular product and am hoping to bundle it at a competitive price.¬†Final pricing will vary depending on options but likely in the $300-450 range depending on the options selected and whether you get a nail, coil, or just the controller.

The coil switch on the side and the circuit breaker are optional extras as as well, and the standard model will still be protected with an internal fuse. I will be building one of those models next in black, so stay tuned!

look ma, no wires!

The first battery powered VK! The input port will act as a charge port. The second switch is to enable/disable the battery, and the red LED that illuminates accordingly when the battery is turned on.

batvk batvk_rear

Lots of Blue!

Blue screen action! Small and tall the works unit, all blue screens, 10-turn in standard case, blue led, and of course, the works in fog blue standard size case, all blue again!