The Works VK

The works comes with both the multi-turn pot with locking vernier and an ammeter. From left to right is the ‘small n tall’, ‘fog blue’ and ‘clear blue’ case options.

The Works VK:
Note that all VK’s are built to order and can have a wait time of up to 2-3 months. Red cases can only come with a red screen, screen color preference will be ignored for red cases. Small n tall can only have a front-mounted knob and this preference will likewise be ignored for that case option. [wp_cart:VK Works:price:[Case|Clear, 120.00|Clear Blue, 120.00|Clear Red, 120.00|Fog Blue, 120.00|Fog Blue ‘small n tall’, 120.00|Black w/Clear lid, 125.00]:var1[Voltmeter┬áColor|Red|Blue|Green]:var2[Ammeter Color|Red|Blue|Green|Yellow]:var3[Knob Position|Front|Top]:var4[Knob Style|Lockable Dial|Moog-style]:end]