New Cases and Features

New cases have arrived! Along with them will be available the following new features

  • Top-mounted pot: extra $5 shipping charge due to larger packaging requirement. Only available with the stock pot, 5-turn pot, and 10-turn “short” pot models. Not available with the 10-turn “long” model.
  • Ammeter display: $10, displays “output” amperage only, regardless of switch position.
  • 5-turn pot, 15v range: $4, can be mounted front or hopefully top style pending arrival and measurement!
  • 10-turn “long” pot, 15v or 30v range: $5. Front style only. It’s big, but cheap, optional vernier for another $5, might limit other options due to large size.
  • 10-turn “short” 15v pot with vernier included: $12, smaller 10 turn pot, works front or and hopefully top style too! Still have to get these in for testing. These will be the top of the line option.
  • AC Power supplies. Still optional! I have some used units for $5, but, a final model and unit price still TBD! Use your existing one if you can, and save a few bucks!
  • Cables, adapters, parts, you name it, I’ve probably got some laying around. Generally $3-5.
  • The works! Larger sized case with the ammeter and 10 turn pot with vernier dial! $65, save a few bucks when you get it all!



VK Launched!

The VK is finally launched, with an initial batch of 9 units, and 2 “b-stock” units for sale. Currently 5 are in the hands of a distributor, the remaining 6 will be sold direct! Get them while they last!

I’m looking into new cases for the next batch, we’ll see how that goes!